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MicroG Vaporizer Dual Set

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Made by Grenco Science, the popular microG pen is engineered to heat your materials with amazing efficiency and performance. Compact in size like the original microG, this version comes equipped with 3 microG tanks that thread directly onto the microG battery for improved function. Simply place a pinch of your material into the tank, hold down the button and enjoy beautiful clouds. It also features a micro USB adapter and a variety of accessories to facilitate your user experience.

Product Features:
Dual Set - 2 Full Units
High-Quality Atomizer
Easy to Use
Sleek Design

Included Accessories:
2 x Batteries
2 x Atomizers
2 x Mouthpieces
1 x Key Chain
1 x Loading Tool
5 x Mouthpiece Sleeves
1 x Wall Adapter
1 x USB Charger
2 x Glass Containers
3 x Cleaning Tips

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