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H2FLO Vaporizer

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Boasting a truly unique design with proprietary (patent pending) handle structure, the H2FLO vape pen is the manifestation of every ounce of imagination FlyTab can offer.

There’s four main components to the H2FLO: the vaporizer itself, a flow control valve, vapor chamber and water chamber. It’s one of the few vaporizers on the market that has a carb, helping you build up vape before taking a hit.

The H2FLO provides its users with 3 ways to vape:

On the go – This method Keeps the H2FLO compact and portable. With the mouthpiece directly attached to the H2FLO the user can simply inhale the vapors from the oven chamber producing a natural flavor and warmer throat hit.
Air Chamber – By attaching the Air Chamber you will be able to utilize the control button that lets air into the chamber when inhaling. It also helps to contain the vapors during a full session. The windows on the chamber allow the user to see the cloud intake during the inhale process.
Water Chamber – By attaching the Water Chamber it creates a vapor/water interaction that both filters and cools down the vapor creating a smoother throat hit and a cleaner taste.

Included Products:

• 1 – Rechargeable H2FLO
• 1 – Air Chamber with Flow Control
• 1 – Water Chamber
• 1 – Black Mouthpiece
• 1 – FLYTLAB Power Plug 
• 1 – FLYTLAB Mini USB Wire
• 1 – FLYTLAB Grinder
• 1 – FLYTLAB Tool Set & Space O-rings
• 1 – H2FLO Manual
• 1 – FLYTLAB Sticker

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