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Dr. Dabber Aura

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Here’s how Dr. Dabber differentiated themselves with the Aura vape pen. It carries a fully magnetic connection, three carefully calibrated heat settings, for experimentation of course, and a sleek satin finish. Talk about personalization! We find it very easy to say the Aura is the future in the vape industry, with an effective and surprisingly useful low-heat vape experience.

The Dr. Dabber Aura is artfully crafted with a sleek handle, soft mouthpiece, and powerful batteries. Don’t be afraid to grab one, whether you’re a beginner or advanced vape user!

Product Features:

  • 3 Deep Coil Atomizers:
  • Aura Atomizer Ceramic Halo
  • -Dual Quarts Heating Rods
  • -Double Ceramic Heating Rods
  • 1 Dr. Dabber Battery
  • 1 Loading Tool
  • 1 Magnetic Charger
  • 1 Dr. Dabber Keychain

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