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Atmos Jewel Vaporizer

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The person who said, “Bigger is always better”, clearly never hit the Atmos Jewel. The Jewel is designed for your favorite type of wax or herbs, and is ready in just 5 seconds. Let me repeat, the Jewel is fully heated in only 5 seconds, and it’s only 4 inches tall… But this is where it gets interesting. To ensure safety, the vaporizer pen includes a 5-click battery lock mechanism. Saving you battery life and preventing overheating.

To make up for the smaller size the Atmos Jewel carries an extra-long heating chamber. Allowing more wax with less refills. A perfect combination for the advanced vape user. Each unit includes a ceramic heating chamber, chamber connector, lithium ion battery, packing tool, rubber mouthpiece, USB charger and user manual.

Product Features:
-Compatible with waxy concentrates and dry materials
-One-Button Activation System
-5-Click Lock Mechanism
-Ceramic Heating Chamber
-Compact & Portable - Only 4"

Included Accessories:
-1 x Lithium Ion Battery
-1 x Ceramic Heating Chamber
-1 x Chamber Connector
-1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
-1 x Packing Tool
-1 x USB Charger
-1 x User Manual

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