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Atmos Boss Vaporizer

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Let’s be clear, Atmos put every ounce of creativity and design to the Atmos Boss. This sleek titanium build is made for the man or woman who travels. Enjoy as people sit stunned by the advanced technology in your hand. It really is that cool.

Here’s where the Boss vaporizer separates itself from the rest of the pack. 35 seconds is the most time it’ll ever take to heat up, and the vape quality you get will leave you speechless. This vape features a deep tray for any herb type, with a powerful embedded heating element. You’ll never see black ash, we promise!

Product Features:
-Stainless Steel Heating Chamber
-Fast Heat-Up Time
-Compact & Portable Design
-Efficient Vaporization
-Easy to Use

Included Accessories:
-1 x Heating Chamber
-1 x Chamber Connector
-1 x Ceramic Filter
-1 x Mesh Filter
-1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
-1 x Packing Tool
-1 x Cleaning Brush
-1 x Wall Adapter
-1 x USB Charger
-1 x User Manual

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