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Atmos Forge

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There’s nothing better than leaning back after a clean pull of your favorite wax or dry herb. Atmos has designed a unique heating element (duel core atomizer) which vaporizes your wax, eliminating any nasty charcoal or burnt taste from sub-par vape pens. The Forge’s air-flow is easy to change giving for flexibility in the draw strength.

Atmos has kept up their streak of simply designed pens as the Forge is only 6 and a half inches in length. Perfect for any pocket, purse, or hand-bag. People will never think twice as you discreetly draw a pure pull from the Forge in public. Go ahead, give it a try!

Included Accessories:
- 1 x Forge Heating Attachment
- 1 x 900mAh Lithium-polymer battery
- 1 x Dual Titanium Atomizer
- 1 x Packing Tool
- 1 x Adapter

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