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Volcano Digital Vaporizer

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The Volcano Digital vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is exactly like the worlds most recognized vaporizer, The Volcano Classic, but comes with a little extra special. The Volcano Digital gives you the power to preciously control the temperature with an extra-large LED display. So not only are you getting the trust of German engineering, which comes with the high-end performance and unbelievable design construction, but you get even more control on your vaping experience.

Now, the temperature on the Volcano Digital vaporizer ranges between 104 and 446 degrees Fahrenheit. With this knowledge you can easily vape your favorite herbs with a consistency unlike any other vaporizer on the market. Along with all these extra goodies is the Volcano's premium air temp control system, which is constantly creating a feed-back loop so your material is heated evenly. Step up your vape game with this BEAST!

Product Features:
Large Digital LED Display
Advanced Air Temp Control System
Food Safe Aluminum Heating Block
High-performance Heating Cartridge
Strong Diaphragm Pump
Advanced German Technology
Temperature between 266° & 446°F
Electro-mechanical Design
Automatic Shut-Off Feature
3 Year Warranty
Includes Solid or Easy Valve Set ($119.99 Value)

Included Accessories:
1 x Material Filling Chamber
1 x Balloon Set (Solid or Easy Valve)
1 x Normal Screen Set
1 x Air Filter Set
1 x Liquid Pad
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Grinder
1 x User Manual

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