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Arizer Solo Vaporizer

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When you buy the Arizer Solo the first thing you’ll notice is how it’s bigger and bulkier than any personal vape you’ve probably used. This is for good reason...

The Arizer Solo is hand-crafted with a protective outer shell to increase durability, and lifetime value. This design landed the Arizer Solo vaporizer the number 1 spot for best vaporizers in 2015.

The rechargeable battery offers over 2 hours of use per each charge and reaches a full charge in 4 hours. Another feature of the Arizer Solo is the automatic shut-off capability. After 12 minutes of idle time, the unit safely shuts off.

The Solo manages to use up your herbs without much difficulty, and they taste great the entire time. The Arizer Solo just has that "special something" that makes it really fun to use.


Product Features:
-New Model
-High-Quality Glass versus Plastic
-Lightweight & Compact
-Portable & Handheld - There are no wires or cords
-Lithium Ion Battery - Long Battery Life
-LED Temperature Control

Included Accessories:
-1 x Battery Charger
-1 x Potpourri Dish
-2 x Diffusing Tubes (Straight & Curved)
-1 x Aromatherapy Sample
-1 x Instruction Manual

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